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Do you struggle to keep track of your finances? Are you tired of reading boring books? Sick of being confused? Us too!

Budgeting, Saving, Investing, and personal finance as a whole can be both confusing and overwhelming. We are trying to fix that! We are a new financial blog.

At Once A Week Blog we offer our experiences in exploring personal finances! We suggest books that are fun to read and write articles on our blog about our biggest challenges!

We write about Budgeting, Investing, DebtSavings, Loans, Stock Market, Crypto Currency and so much more. We share from our point of view, in a relatable and understanding way!

No more being confused! No more boring courses! Personal Finance Made easy!

We do not provide advice and we urge you to speak to a professional advisor before making financial and life decisions.

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Blog Posts

How to Invest in Property?

Property has long been considered the best investment. With people making ridiculous claims on the internet of how they built ...
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How to invest for success in 2021?

With 2020 being the year that it was, many of us have had to cash out the majority of the ...
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How to dominate 2021?

2020 has been an eventful year to say the least. And 2021 is so uncertain that I see a lot ...
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Controlling your Budgeting

Ah, the festive season. We eat too much, see too much of family and if you're part of the lucky ...
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5 Tips to increase your savings

Saving money is often looked at as one of two things. A way of life or an impossible task. It ...
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How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt – Fast!

The credit crisis – defining debt. Plainly put, to be in debt is to owe money to a creditor. Credit ...
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Do you need a Financial Advisor?

When you need someone you can trust, they can be hard to find! So, what can you do? Do you just go without a Financial Profession? 

An Advisor can help you work out which insurance suits your goals or which investment will help you to retire! They have studied and are registered to ensure they can provide you with the guidance you need.

What Is a Financial Advisor?

I think we can all agree that money makes the world go around, right? Right. However, most people don’t have an inkling of an idea about personal financial management. That is where an advisor comes in. They are there to help those that don’t have the financial knowledge (or the time) by using their knowledge of the economic climate to develop comprehensive (but user-friendly) strategies tailored to client-specific needs, to help people to navigate the (often daunting) world of finance. These professionals are university graduates with backgrounds in economics who are certified, licensed, and well established.

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