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Do you struggle to keep track of your finances? Are you tired of reading boring books? Sick of being confused? Us too!

Budgeting, Saving, Investing, and personal finance as a whole can be both confusing and overwhelming. We are trying to fix that! We are a new financial blog.

At Once A Week Blog we offer our experiences in exploring personal finances! We suggest books that are fun to read and write articles on our blog about our biggest challenges!

We write about Budgeting, Investing, DebtSavings, Loans, Stock Market, Crypto Currency and so much more. We share from our point of view, in a relatable and understanding way!

No more being confused! No more boring courses! Personal Finance Made easy!

We do not provide advice and we urge you to speak to a professional advisor before making financial and life decisions.

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Blog Posts

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

What Is a Financial Advisor? I think we can all agree that money makes the world go around, right? Right ...
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Tips when making your financial plan

A financial plan is something we should all have but few of us actually do. In this case time will ...
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Money Skills to learn that will help you on your money journey

Money Skills to learn that will help you on your money journey Your money journey is a unique and interesting ...
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How I am saving money during COVID19?

How I am saving money during COVID19? 2020 has been a hell of a year with a pandemic hitting earth ...
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How to invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust

How to invest in a Real Estate Investment Trust As I said in my last article about Real Estate Investing, ...
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What is Personal Finance?

Personal Finance is very talked-about in today's world. It often intertwined with big words such as Diversification and Tax-Free Savings ...
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