5 Free Money Apps You Should Have 

Money managing apps are very trendy at the moment and there are a couple of reasons people switch over to a more digital way of handling their finances. Real-time information, on-time payments, and automatic calculations and updates are just a few of the reasons most people decide to use these handy apps. Below we will discuss 5 free money apps you should have.   


  • Tracks your spending easily by linking to your bank accounts 
  • Links to over 100 different accounts 
  • Has spending alerts to tell you what you spend your money on 
  • Categorize your spendings 

22Seven is a free budgeting and investing app from Old Mutual. 22seven helps you budget, track your spending on all your accounts, and invest in your life goals. Apart from the ability to link bank, investment, stockbroking, loan, crypto, and rewards accounts from over 100 providers, which most budgeting apps boast of, this app has spending alerts. This is an extremely helpful feature as this can make you aware of what exactly you spend your money on. 

 The app can also categorize spending according to expenses outlined in your budget, such as rent, groceries, and entertainment. Another useful feature is the ability to set goals, invest in them, and track your progress through to the completion stage. This app makes it easy to track your spending and can help you to make better financial decisions and provide helpful tips on your unique spending habits.  

Download 22seven here 

Stash by Liberty

  • Invest small amounts that are tax free 
  • There are no forms and no fees 
  • You decide how much you want to invest 
  • You have access to all your funds 

Stash is an investment that helps you invest in your future, tax-free, by saving small amounts of money every day through an app and is owned and operated by Liberty Group Limited. You do not have to fill in any forms or pay any fees and it is super easy and convenient to use. This app gives you full control over when and how much you invest. What is great is that unlike other investments Stash allows you to access your funds at any time and you can use as much as you need.  

You have full access to your investment and can cash out directly from the app. Your money will be deposited into your connected bank card. Another cool feature is that you can open a tax-free investment for your children. This account will be in your child’s own name and makes use of their own annual and lifetime tax-free limits. Stash also rewards you when you are active and saves 5c for every 20 calories you burn, 100 meters you walk, and 100 steps that you take. You can even link your Stash App to your Fitness App. 

Download Stash by Liberty here 


  • Makes cryptocurrency available to everyone 
  • Perfect application for beginner traders 
  • High focus on security 
  • Very low fees 

Luno is a platform that makes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum easily accessible to everyone. Luno has a team of professionals that are always available to provide you with guidance and knowledge to invest safely and smartly. Luno makes crypto trading easy and accessible as one of the biggest pros regards to Luno is the fact that it is perfect for beginners. It provides guidance and can help you to find your feet in the ever-evolving, fast-paced cryptocurrency world. Their content is informative, understandable, and not complicated which is wonderful as cryptocurrency can be very confusing for a lot of people. With its low fees, Luno is a very attractive option for people who want to try out crypto trading for the first time.  

Security is also a very important focus of Luno. It uses what it calls “deep-freeze” crypto storage for the majority of customer funds. The keys for this crypto are encrypted and kept in bank vaults inside safe deposit boxes. The small portion of its crypto that Luno uses for day-to-day operations is kept in a combination of cold (offline) wallets and hot (online) wallets. Because Luno focuses on people who are new to Cryptocurrency they have valuable educational resources available where you can learn more about cryptocurrency in general, and about each of the cryptocurrencies it offers. 

Download Luno here 


  • Super convenient to use 
  • Accepts valid till slips from most leading retailers  
  • You can transfer the money to your WeChat wallet 

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to save on your daily purchases then SnapnSave is definitely a free money app you should try. It is super convenient as you don’t have to remember to bring crinkled coupons or struggle with a loyalty plastic card. You simply take a photo of your till slip and you will get the cashback on your goods. SnapnSave accepts valid till slips from most leading national retailers. You can choose the product on the app and see where it is available at.  

It takes four days to process the cashback, which is then paid into your SnapnSave wallet. Once you have a reasonable balance, you can have the money paid into your bank account. Alternatively, you can transfer it to your WeChat wallet which allows you to withdraw the cash from an ATM, buy airtime, prepaid electricity, and pay in-store using  SnapScan. The sustainability of  SnapnSave will depend on its ability to bring on more brands so that it makes up a larger percentage of your booked items. 

Download SnapnSave here 


  • Check your credit score easily 
  • Can correct mistakes on reports 
  • Check for fraud  
  • Tips on how to have a good credit score 

An app like Clearscore can help you to check your credit score and then assist you to improve it. This means that you are more likely to be accepted for your next credit card or loan and get a wider range of deals. Clearscore can assist you by correcting mistakes on your report and making sure you are in the best position to apply for your next credit. This app also allows you to check for any fraud that happened with your cards or any transactions that have been made without your approval.  

Your credit score is based on what’s in your credit report: a record of how you’ve handled credit up until now, as well as other factors. If your report shows you’ve managed your credit well, for example, you’re on time and not missing payments, your credit score is likely to be high. If it shows you’ve made late payments, defaulted, or applied for a lot of credit in a short amount of time, your credit score might be lower. Clearscore not only provides you with your credit score but also provides handy tips for you to have a better understanding of your credit and financial situation.  

 Download Clearscore here