How to save money

How to Save Money in 2021?

Life is hard and the world of finances is harder. From budgeting to saving and even debt, one can feel overwhelmed extremely fast. With 2021 having its own set of challenges through lockdown restrictions and the struggling economy, you don’t need more stress by trying to work out how to save money or even how …

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What is an Endowment Fund?

Finance can sometimes be a confusing thing with terms like tax free, endowment funds, RA, Unit Trusts and more. All this jargon can seem difficult to catch onto and understand. At Once A Week Blog, it is our mission to try and provide as much information as possible to make the world of finances seem …

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What is a Forex Trader?

Forex Trading or Foreign Exchange Trading is a hot topic in the online world with many people claiming that it is a viable way to make money. The process of buying and selling different currencies and profiting from the difference is no new endeavor. However, with the online world making it cheaper and more accessible, …

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