Best Place to Invest Money in South Africa

Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth. Hands down, investing has created the most millionaires. Yet, many people in South Africa have little to no investments made. One major factor of this is that investing is often seen as something rich people do. It is often thought that you need lots of money to invest when the truth is investing consistently is more important than investing a lot.

Warren Buffet who is arguably one of the world’s finest investors said his only regret in life is not starting earlier. He said that compounding is the way to be rich and compounding works over time.

So, if you only have R50 to invest, where can is the best place to invest money in South Africa?

4 of the Best Places to Invest Money in South Africa

Before we get into to this further, please read our disclaimer. This is all based on opinions and research, none of this article is any sort of financial advice. Speak to your advisor or do your own research before making your investment decisions.


Property is often looked at as the pinnacle of investing. Owning a property is not only a bragging right, but also a great investment. However, this opportunity is simply way out of reach for many of us.

However, companies like Easy Properties have put an end to this by making property investing open to all for as little as R10. Through their Easy Properties platform investors can invest in several property investments at a fractional share based on their investment. This makes it easy to invest in property.


The stock market is one of the oldest types of investing. Investors can invest in a number of stocks, bonds and funds getting returns through price increases and earnings paid out through dividends. While this may seem expensive for many, Easy Equities has made share investing affordable. Through Easy Equities you can partake in fractional share investing buying fractional shares in companies like Standard Bank for as little as R10.


Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the world right now with many people claiming crypto will take over the world’s financial system. There are many opportunities to invest in different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and USDC. Cryptocurrencies were designed to be split up meaning you can invest in a currency for very little money.

Luno is a registered FSP that allows users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency with ease through their Luno App.

Unit Trusts

Unit Trusts are one of the most accessible types of investing with many companies like Allan Gray and Coronation allowing for unit trust investing. However, many of them want minimum investments higher than we can afford.

Satrix came up with the solution. The sister company to Easy Equities allows you to invest in Unit Trusts and Exchange traded Funds with no minimums. This makes investing easy and affordable through their Satrix online system.

While investing may have seemed hard and out of reach in the past, it is no longer the case. Investors now have more options than ever before allowing for better decisions. Take the time, do your research and select an investment that is best for you!