Investing: What to look out for??

In the world of investing, companies love to use complicated terminology and vast graphs to show how well their funds are doing. And to the average Joe like you and I, it can be overwhelming and even make you feel lesser than and make you turn away from investing.

It shouldn’t be like that! So, I have listed the 3 top things I look for when investing:

What are the fees??

I’ve touched on this before but fees can make a monumental difference in your actual return. And you need to ask yourself if the fees are worth it. If you are paying 1% for an advisor who helps you make your investments and keeps an eye on them for you all well and good. But if you are paying 3%? It may be a bit steep! So always look at the TER or Total Expense Ratio which shows the total percentage that is taken off as fees every year.

What are the Returns?

Yes, the saying is true “Past performance doesn’t predict future results” but they do tell you something about their consistency. A fund that is running at a negative return may have a boomer of year next year, but is it worth the risk? I always check for the average return over the last 5 years to see that they are at least making some money.

Getting my money back?

Also known as exit fees! Make sure you check if there are penalties for removing your money within a year. This is when a company charges you money for removing money out of the fund under a certain period, I.e. less than 12 months. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but should be noted. So that you know where you stand to avoid incurring unnecessary fees.

Saving: Why? How? How Much?

I want to jump in, as they say, head first. Saving is a necessity to building long term wealth, achieving goals of travel, buying a house, or paying for your child’s education. It can also be great to have some stashed away for a rainy day. But with so many opinions out there how do you save? How much should you save? And where do you put your money?

It can all be extremely overwhelming! Trust me! I have been there! So, I have compiled 3 questions which have always helped me determine this for my savings goals:

When do I need the Money?

If you have a set date for a vacation or for studying you will know how many years/ months you have to save for. You can also determine where you can get the best interest, and many even invest the money for long term goals.

However, for an emergency fund or short-term goals you don’t know when you will need the money and could need it fast! So, you want to earn decent interest with quick access.

When will I start?

By working out when you can affordably start, means you can work out how long it will take and how much you will need to save monthly/ weekly.

How much money do I need?

This will help you determine how much you will need to save how often. You can set up automatic transfers to save the money before you are tempted to buy another pizza 😉 By asking these questions you will know how much you will put away periodically, how long it will take you to reach your goal, where to store the money, and let you ace those savings goals. The most important this is to do what works for you! Every person is different both physically, mentally, and financially. Be you and be proud of who you are

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