I will Teach You To Be Rich - Ramit Sethi

Book Review: I will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi

“No Guilt. No Excuses. No BS. Just a 6-Week Program That Works”. This is our I will Teach you to be Rich Book Review.

Ramit Sethi, who Forbes called a “Wealth Wizard”, has one of the best New Day Finance books on the Market. Available both on Hardcopy and on Audible. He covers exactly what our blog is about….simple, easy to understand personal finance. And it works! Ramit’s method definitely works with hundreds of reviews online speaking to how his book has helped them.

The main principles of this book are:

  • How to get rid of Debt!
  • The Method to setup low-cost bank accounts
  • The Strategy to Automate your finances
  • How to Save lots of Money Every month!
  • An easy and low maintenance investment strategy
  • How to handle the financial stresses of life (Buying a car, Getting Married, buying a house, Traveling, Having kids)
  • The best negotiation strategy to get a Salary Increase

Ramit’s philosophy of “Buy all the Latte’s you want” i.e. focus on the big stuff or stuff that matters is relatable to us in real daily life. His personal finance tips are like nothing we have ever seen before. It is about focusing on investing your money in the right places such as an Index fund rather than a call account. He says to focus on earning more rather than spending less. And one of Ramit’s biggest tips that we often talk about is automating your savings. We all have good intentions, and we all try our hardest. But we are human and thinking we will have the will power to not spend our money is a recipe for disaster. This is why Ramit says to automate your savings and payments to avoid messing up. His I will teach you to be rich philosophy is rock solid. This does differ from person to person, and you should do your own research.

I will Teach You To Be Rich is an Easy-to-Read book that will help you dominate your finances. This is our “I will teach you to be Rich” Book Review.

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Whether you want to invest in properties or shares, this book has you covered!