Budgets! Agg…

Budgeting is one of those complex things that forms part of our adult lives, or at least try to for us wannabees. It is hard! And it sucks to say no to eating pizza every night! But building the art of managing your finances is something that will help you achieve your goals of traveling, buying a house, and without uncontrollable debt.

What do I mean by uncontrollable debt? Is Debt Bad?

No debt is not all bad. But like all things it needs a purpose. A bond on a house is usable debt to buy something you couldn’t afford without it. A delayed paycheck or family emergency may need you to dip into your credit card or overdraft. But its not bad. Debt only becomes bad when you no longer have control over it. Ill touch more on this in a later article.

But back to budgets & budgeting. Everyone is different and spends there money differently, and that’s okay. You don’t have to justify your spending to anyone but yourself. That being said you have to justify it to yourself and know where tour money is going and coming from.

A simple list of your incomes and expenses will help you keep track of everything and help you see where you are spending money that you don’t need to. This helps you free up money for saving or spending on something that makes you happier.

I use 22 seven to manage my finances. They help you automatically record all your spending in an app on your phone. Find them here!

Be in control and don’t care what others think! You be you!

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