Controlling your Budgeting

Ah, the festive season. We eat too much, see too much of family and if you’re part of the lucky few, you get a bonus. But if you are like me and a lot of others, bonuses don’t come and we still want to enjoy the Christmas season. Its all down to Budgeting.

This makes it very easy to run up your credit card while trying to “keep up with the Jones’s”. And this is a position I have found myself in, all too often. So here are my 3 tips to avoid running up your credit card while still being a social butterfly:

Entertain at home

Having people over can be cheaper than going out. Saving on travel costs and drink costs, you can have an awesome evening at your home. And in these times of COVID19, it is also a safer way to be social!

Cut down on Food!

So, during this season, you will eat out a lot. So when you are at home cut down on food! Take advantage of leftovers and buy those 2-minute noodles again! This way you can spend while you are out and save while you are at home.

Be Selective

Depending on your social circles, you may get many invites to go out! So be selective on who you want to spend your time and money with!

This season is filled with fun and joy, and hopefully these tips take away some of the stress! Enjoy this time with Family and Friends! And remember to be safe!