Corona Virus? Earthquakes? Tsunami? Panic?

When these epidemics happen, it causes heart ache, hurt, and widespread panic. But if we all panic and sell during these times, we often loose more due to the panic.

So what should we do?

First: Keep you heard!

You need to think clearly and not hastely! You can destroy months or even years of work if you just go and sell when these big events cause market dips. And after all your hard work saving and investing its understandable that youre panicing. But this is when you need to keep your head and think rationally! Don’t panic!

Second: Look at the bigger picture!

Just like when we invest, we need to look further than the next few weeks or months. And yes these events will cause short term loses, but can they be made up in the long term?? That is when you need to look at the bigger picture, talk to your certified advisors and make a wise, rational decision.

Lastly: Keep calm!

All things will work out in the end. So dont have sleepless nights over these things as you cannot change them. Look for new opportunities and hold on tight through the bumpy bits! Don’t panic!

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