Easy Equities – 2022 Review

We are often told that investing your money is a great way to build wealth! From investing in Unit Trusts, ETFs, Real Estate or stocks, investing your money is a proven way to get your money to work for you.

The one downside of these proposals is that they often require some money. And with some companies requiring R5000 investment or R500 a month, this can seem like an unachievable goal for many. We speak from our own experiences where we have not been able to invest as we could not afford the minimum investment requirements.

Luckily, a child of the Purple Group called Easy Equities, has been successfully combating this over the last few years! Easy Equities has abolished the confusing jargon, the minimum investments and the large fees. This has led to an all-inclusive platform that has allowed users to invest with whatever money they have! Read more in this Easy Equities Review:

What is Easy Equities?

Easy Equities is a subsidiary of the Purple Group and was founded in 2014. The online platform has been designed to make it easy for users to buy shares in the companies they know and love. With no monthly brokerage fees and no minimum investment amounts, investors of all experience levels can grow their wealth using the Easy Equities platform.

The platform allows users to buy any amount in the shares on offer using a system called fractional share investing. This type of investing allows users to buy shares and own a portion of that share. This is all calculated and run by Easy Equities and their platform provider, First World Trader. Both companies are registered Financial Service Providers and are licensed by the relevant authorities.

The Platform also has a Tax Free Savings Account section where users can invest in a Tax Free Savings Account of their design in line with the required regulations and restrictions.

Easy Equities now offers investments in Shares, ETFs, Properties, USA, Australia, and Crypto.

What are the Easy Equities Fees?

Easy Equities was designed to make investing in shares much cheaper and easier. As we have discovered in this Easy Equities review, they have made it easier, but is it cheaper?

What can you invest in?

With the Easy Equities platform, you can invest in many different products and invest types to suit their users needs. All their products have low fees, and all fees are straightforward, transparent and easy to understand.

Their original platform and product were the fractional share and ETF investing for the South African JSE markets. This allowed the users to buy shares and ETFs in South African Listed Companies.

The other feature was the Tax Free Savings Account that allowed users to invest in ETFs and Bundles that were in line with the TFSA regulations.

The platform then added Baskets which are groups of shares that you could by. These baskets were designed by professionals and made it easier for new users to invest.

Bundles are similar to Unit Trusts except much cheaper! These bundles can be bought right on the platform and are put together by asset managers like Emperor Asset Management and Canon Asset Management, among others.

After this Easy Equities decided to go global by opening up their US section of the platform. This gives users access to the US Stock Market in ways of Share and ETF investing. Easy Equities has recently added the Australian Investing part of the Platform. This allows users to invest in the Australian Stock Market. The Retirement Annuity section of the platform allows users to invest in Bundles that are in line with RA regulations.

Lastly, Easy Equities has launched a connected Platform called Easy Properties. Read more in our Property Investing Article. Easy Equities is a good alternative to the big, expensive asset manager that we are used to. While both can suit different types of investors, you will need to decide which suits your needs best. Alternatively you can talk to a financial advisor who can assist you in building your investment plan.

With Easy Equities collaborating with Capitec Bank, it is now easier than ever before to invest your spare cash. Do your research, Make Your Own Decision, and Invest Responsibly.


Is Easy Equities Legit?

Yes. Easy Equities is a legit and regulated platform. They follow all regulations and have the correct licensing.

What Can I Invest in with Easy Equities?

Easy Equities has many investment options for you to choose from. From Cryptocurrency, to oil, to indices and shares. There are many investment options.

How Do I Deposit Money onto Easy Equities?

Depositing money on Easy Equities is easy. Simply login and go to the deposits tab. There you can choose from multiple methods including EFT, Credit Card and Instant EFT.

What is the Minimum Deposit at Easy Equities?

Easy Equities minimum deposit is R5. The investing platform has totally revolutionized the way we invest.

What are Easy Equities Fees?

Easy Equities Fees work on 64c per R100 transacted. The Easy Equities cost profile is much lower than its competitors.

How Does Easy Equities Work?

Easy Equities is a revolutionary platform that allows its users to by fractional share rights. This allows you to invest in companies like Naspers for as little as R10!

Which are the best stocks to buy now on Easy Equities?

The stock market is a fast-moving, ever-changing place. It is best to consult with a financial planner who can identify stocks that fit with your risk profile.

Is Easy Equities safe to use?

Yes! Easy Equities uses the latest security technology and is a registered FSP.

Is Easy Equities a good broker?

In our opinion, Yes! They offer great service and make investing fun and straightforward. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!