FNB’s New Aspire Account 

FNB Aspire, relaunched in 2021 from FNB Gold, is the recommended account for middle-income workers that provides the highest value at the lowest cost. This is according to the newly issued 2022 Bank Charges Report by Solidarity. 

FNB’s FNB Aspire account is, according to the research, the best account for middle-income banking requirements. Similar to the other accounts in this category, this is a packaged account with a set monthly fee that includes a number of free transactions. FNB Aspire is the clear winner in the middle-income bracket, since all transactions are covered in the R99 monthly fee. 

Why The Change?

The FNB Aspire account is a packaged product intended for those with incomes between R180,001 and R450,000. According to FNB Aspire, the Aspire account has been redesigned so that consumers may get more value from their transactional banking. 

For just R99 per month, you get unlimited debit orders, free Cash@Till, free prepaid purchases on the FNB App, and free cash withdrawals and deposits of up to R3 000. 

Rob Gwerengwe, CEO of FNB Middle Market, explains, “FNB Aspire is created with the money management requirements of middle-income clients in mind and is centered on value. There has never been a better moment to reevaluate the bank you use than now, given that people are striving to reduce expenses wherever possible. Choosing a bank for your transaction account involves more than simply the monthly charge. You must examine both the added benefit of this banking connection and the hidden fees that other banks prefer to conceal in the small print.” However, Gwerengwe notes that despite the low monthly account charge of R99, clients get more value from their combined eBucks earn and FNB Connect rewards. 

How Will Ebucks & FNB Connect Rewards Work?

FNB Aspire clients will also get access to a number of zero-rated transactions, such as third-party payments, InContact SMSes, 24/7 secure chat, and Cash@Till. Gwerengwe argues that these charges may seem inconsequential minute fees, but over a month, they actually pile up. For instance, the transaction notification cost of 40 cents that competing banks impose is modest at first appearance. Still, for a client with eight debit orders, eight withdrawals, and fourteen card swipes, this soon adds up to an additional R12 each month. 

The revamped eBucks rewards program is one of the most significant distinctions between Aspire and the defunct Gold accounts. Previously, account members were required to fulfill certain transactions and spending requirements in order to advance through the various reward levels and collect eBucks. 

Under the new scheme, account members only need to spend in four categories to earn a monthly limit of R150 in eBucks. Additionally, eBucks may be used to cover banking costs. In addition to additional benefits, such as airtime and data related to FNB Connect, the bank asserts that consumers receive three times the value for their monthly price. 

Are There Any Other Changes?

FNB Aspire card members additionally enjoy the following perks and value-added benefits: 

  • When you book with eBucks Travel, you’ll get two free SLOW Lounge visits. 
  • 500MB data, 30 phone minutes, and 30 SMS each month on FNB Connect, plus an additional 500MB data if you add R100 or more to your FNB Connect SIM throughout the month. 
  • Spend and save with FNB Aspire account and eBucks, and if you satisfy the conditions, you might get an R1,500 shoe voucher per year. Applying terms, criteria, and norms for earning are stipulated. 

Other less noteworthy rises entail: 

  • Linked petroleum card going up from R20 (Gold) to R23 (Aspire) 
  • Fuel card purchases will increase from R5.75 (Gold) to R6.00 (Aspire) 
  • Branch and International fees on the defunct Gold account will increase by 25 cents. 
  • Increase from R26 (Gold) to R30 for stop payments on the new FNB Aspire account 
  • Interim/Provisional statements will now cost R40 for each document, up from R18.20 per page (Gold) (Aspire).