How Cryptocurrency is Affecting the Gaming World

The online gaming world is growing rapidly in 2021 as technology improves and the realism of online gaming increases. Years ago there were very few people who played online games, today many of the popular titles are online only. This focus on online gaming has caused a shift in the design and roles of games in general and has led to the creation of in-game currencies that gamers can use to buy more equipment. But how has cryptocurrency affected the gaming world?


While the involvement of Blockchain in new online games is not widely discussed, many rumours have linked blockchain systems to new online games. The systems make the games more robust, harder to hack, and more transparent for players. There have even been reports that the system makes the games faster.

Play to Earn

Being able to play your favourite games while being paid to do so is a revolutionary idea. This idea seemed impossible until SkillGaming made it so with their partnership with JEDSTAR gaming project. This partnership has led to the development of KRED, an in game currency like no other.

Play-to-earn is a big topic in the gaming world today, with many gamers and developers looking to make it happen. SkillGaming is allowing gamers and societies like JEDSTAR to take their network offering to a completely new level, never seen before. They are breaking ground and revolutionising and industry. The STARDOME platform will feature numerous games when it launches, some say over 100.  There will also be unique earn-as-you-play features such as Duel mode, Challenge mode, XP mode, and more. All these will allow gamers to win KRED, XP points and prize post.  The JEDSTAR development team is hard at work and will be adding new games to the STARDOME system. These games will be available to gamers with KRED.


STARDOME comes with the world’s first Armoury which allows gamers to launch attacks on their opponents with ease. The armoury is filled with offensive upgrades, key defensive strategies, and many other crucial, gaming winning elements.

Gamers will be able to deposit money on STARDOME using standard deposit methods will be able to deposit and earn KRED too! This means there hard hours of gaming can finally work in their favour.

Systems like those shown by SkillGaming really empower players in 2021. Their revolutionary technology makes it possible to play and earn at the same time. This truly shows the profound effects cryptocurrency has had on the online gaming industry.