How to Invest R10 in Property with Easy Properties?

Property has long been considered the best investment. And now with new platforms like Easy Properties (Also known as Easy Equities Properties) and assets like ETFs on Easy Equities, you can invest in properties with as little as R10! (I know because that’s what I did!)

Source: Easy Properties Twitter

This new type of investing has allowed many investors who dreamed of investing in property, the option to invest in property with Easy Properties.

Unlike the traditional way of investing in property, that can seem Ludacris to me and many others. As the thought of buying our own home is out of reach! But there are options for you to choose from!

Two ways to invest in property:

Property Funds/ ETFs

Property funds and ETFs in South Africa are groups of properties managed by fund managers and offered to investors either through ETFs or Unit Trusts. This allows investors a diverse property portfolio with as little as R100! This was one of the first ways of making property investing accessible to many people.

This is made very affordable by platforms like Easy Equities who allow users to buy fractional shares of these ETFs. You can buy for as little as R10! ETFs have another benefit in that they are diversified amongst a number of properties within the fund. This gives you diversification with less work.

Easy Properties

But if you are wanting something a little more tangible, something a little more real. Easy properties could be an option for you! Easy Properties is the new platform of the purple group. They start with Easy Equities fractional share investing, Easy USA, Easy Australia, and have now moved on to Easy Equities Properties fractional property investing. This platform allows its users to invest in individuals properties from as low as R10! Like if that is not insane, I don’t know what is!

This follows on from the Easy Equities platform that allows users to do fractional share investing! The platform has shown a lot of success by cutting down fees and jargon, allowing users to make their own decisions and take charge of their finances. This is something we are all about!

It opens up the world of decisional property investing to most of us who can’t afford 1 property. And that offers the world both new opportunities and new skills!

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Why should you consider investing in property?

Property investing produces constant income through rental yields. These are often more constant than share dividends and can be a good source of revenue (Check with your financial advisor before making an investment).

According to Got Property (GotProperty), property is a more stable investment than equities. It is considered a long-term investment and should be held longer than 5 years. They also say that is can be a great source of passive income for retirements.

Whether you are a first-time property investor, or you’ve just finished High School, Property investing is something to do some research on and think about. There are benefits that should be considered!

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What is easy properties?

Easy Properties is a investing platform that allows you to buy fractional shares of a property development.

How to invest in Easy Properties?

Investing in Easy Properties is easy! Simply login to your Easy Equities Account, navigate to the Easy Properties Tab, login to Easy Properties and choose your investment.

How to activate Easy Properties on Easy Equities?

To activate Easy Properties on Easy Equities, go to account settings / account types / select to activate easy properties.