How to make an Investment using Satrix?

Making a Satrix Investment is way easier than a lot of other asset managers! This is thanks to the design team who made their Satrix Online Platform both easy to use and navigate. This has made it one of the most popular online investing platforms in South Africa.

Satrix Investments or Satrix Now has been known in the markets for their focus on low fees. This has made them popular in the investing world, as the saving on fees can add up over time. They also have many famous ETFs, most prominently the Satrix Top 40 ETF. This ETF covers the Top 40 biggest listed companies in South Africa.

How can you make a Satrix Investment?

Satrix has focused on making investing easy and cost effective. The main place to invest in Satrix is through their Satrix Now platform. This Satrix Online platform makes it easy and straight forward. There is also no minimum investment, meaning there is no excuse not to invest.

This platform is available online through your web browser or through their mobile app. This makes investing easy and straight forward.

What can you invest in using Satrix?

Satrix online system makes the process of taking out a Satrix investment easy. But what types of investments can you make on Satrix Now platform?

The platform offers three types of investing:

  • Unit Trusts – Unit trusts or Mutual Funds is a type of investment that allows users to invest in a fund filled with assets. This gives them the ability to diversify with out having to pick stocks. Unit Trusts can be passively or actively managed.
  • ETFs – ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds are similar to unit trusts but are listed on the stock exchange. This makes them faster to sell and buy than unit trusts. It also means they often carry lower fees. ETFs are passively managed. The Satrix top 40 ETF is legendary in the SA markets.
  • Retirement Annuity – Retirement Annuities or RAs are a type of retirement investment in South Africa. The investment does come with tax benefits however cannot be touched until the owner turns 55. (Except under very Specific circumstances)

Popular ETFs on the Satrix Online Platform:

  • Satrix 40 – This fund tracks the performance of the FTSE/JSE Top 40 index which includes the 40 largest companies on the JSE, ranked by investable market cap.
  • Satrix Indi – This fund tracks the FTSE/JSE Capped INDI 25 – an index of the 25 largest industrial companies, ranked by investable market cap.
  • Satrix Fini – The fund invests in the 15 largest financial companies listed on the JSE, ranked by investable market cap.
  • Satrix Divi – A fund focusing on maximising dividend yield by investing in 30 companies that are expected to pay the best normal dividends over the forthcoming year.
  • Satrix MSCI China ETF – This ETF allows investors on Satrix online to invest in China.

Should you invest in a Satrix Investment?

Satrix offers its investors and platform users many benefits in terms of ease and low cost of investing. But does this suit you?

Satrix does offer you many options in terms of fund and ETF selection for many types of risk. But we cannot say if it suits your situation. But a financial advisor would be able to work through your plan with you to find the best investment to suit both your risk profile and needs.

Satrix Investments is a great online platform that makes investing easy and low cost. The system has become popular due to its ETFs and Satrix Now platform. Speak to your Financial Advisor to see if Satrix is a good investment for you!


Is Satrix a Good Investment?

Satrix offers an array of investment options allowing investors to diversify and choose investments that suit their goals.

What is SatrixNOW?

SatrixNOW is a web platform that allows users to buy and sell ETFs and Unit Trusts.

What is Satrix Investment Plan?

A Satrix Invesment Plan is a great way to grow your portfolio by having access to the whole JSE and World Markets.

What does ETF stand for?

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Funds. These are listed funds or groups of shares that an investor can buy and hold.

Is there a Satrix S&P 500?

Yes! Satrix S&P 500 is available on the platform via ETF.

Is there a Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF?

Yes! The Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF is available on the Satrix online platfrom.