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How to save money in tough times

How to save money in tough times

The tough times are the last place you think about how to save money! Especially when you have lost your income or your income get reduced! There are then more important things to worry about, and you may even have to dip into your savings. And that is okay.

But Saving is not just an action, its a habit. And I believe in saving even just a minimal amount to help you save. So here are some fun, creative ways to keep the habit going!

Keep a cents jar

All those 10c, 20c, and 50c can add up to more than just a few chappies. I managed to save R10 a month by doing this. Which may not sound like much but every bit helps and every cent saved is worth more in the future!

Make it fun by customizing the coin jar, or find a piggy bank! I have a blue one I got free with a promotion a Dros years ago.

How to save money
Image by Devanath from Pixabay

Have a swear jar

Yes, the good old swear jar! You’ve seen it on so many TV shows, I couldn’t list them all if I tried. But it can be a fun game to play if you live with friends or family.

It does not have to be a swear word but can be for any word, or in ‘New Girl’ instance, a douche bag jar.

Make it fun and a competition! With R1 or R2 or R5 penalties!

Cut down cost!

This lockdown has cost and saved people money. Less Petrol and less takeaways has saved me money. But don’t be tempted to just spend that somewhere else. Use it to substitute the loss of income. And to keep you in the green.

This is a hard time! Don’t be hard on yourself for not saving as much! Just keeping surviving!

Keep Safe!

Questions? Ask Away!