How to Save Money on Christmas Presents?

With Christmas fast approaching, and the geese getting fat, the time again comes for Christmas shopping and gift buying. A time of the year we often love, but now as bonuses and 13th checks are nowhere to be found, a time we used to love can quickly become filled with stress.

As always, we understand what you are going through. Because we are going through it too! So here are some ways we found to cut back on Christmas presents without looking like it.

Make it

I know this idea has been overdone, but making a gift is a great way to save money. Maybe you are an artist, a carpenter, a IT boff, or a photographer. Even if you are not a pro, you time and energy can be more appreciated than the gift itself. Create something that your loved one will cherish, and something your pocket will thank you for.

Give a Memory

We all have memories with our loved ones, perhaps it’s a recipe or a trip together. Reminding someone of these memories is a great gift and often much better than something you bought at Game. Finding an old picture or memorabilia, wrapping it up or putting it in a frame can become a better gift than you could ever imagine.

Wrap it Yourself

I know wrapping is hard and time consuming. I know the people at the mall wrap better than you. However, they also cost more than you! While your wrapping skills may not be great, your time and effort will be appreciated. Spending the time, effort, and stress to wrap a gift can mean more than you know.

Christmas can be expensive, but in a time when we are all a little short on cash, it doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps and you too could save some valuable cash, while still showing your love and gratitude.