Investing in Australia with Easy Equities Australia

We all have the dream of investing offshore to diversify and have more options to invest in. One place many have considered investing in is the down under, the land of kangaroos, more officially known as Australia. This thriving country is often overlooked on a global scale and yet offers a lot of options to invest in. And now, thanks to Easy Equities Australia, the process is easy and low cost!

The process used to be tedious and expensive with all the bank fees, red tape and overseas what not. This made investing overseas only for the rich and richer, leaving the rest of us with limited offshore options. However, as always, Easy Equities has come around to disrupt the market. They first started by opening up Easy Equities US to allow users to invest in the US from South Africa. They also made an affordable transfer system that drastically reduced the cost of investing. And now they have opened Easy Equities Australia to allow investors even more options to invest offshore.

Easy Equities Australia
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Why Invest Offshore?

Investing offshore has been shown to be a good way to grow your investments and investment diversification. Many assets managers say that investing across many countries and assets classes can help reduce your risk and create a more stable rate of return.

You can also gain exposure to more growth opportunities. The JSE/ South African Stock Exchange represents only 1% of the worlds total listed equity. While you may love our local markets, getting exposure to more of the other 99% could give you more opportunities and potentially more returns.

Why Easy Equities Australia?

The process of setting up your account is relatively simple thanks to Easy Equities easy to use interface. Much less paperwork and much faster than it used to be!

The fees are also extremely low with 0.10% commission on trades with no minimum amount. This means you can invest with as little at AU$10! Much cheaper than any of the competitors we looked at.

You also have a large range of shares, ETFs, properties, and other listed assets to trade and invest in using the Easy Equities Australia platform.

With Easy Equities making the process of investing offshore much easier, there are no longer excuses for not considering investing offshore. Speak to your financial advisor and see if it suits your goals and risk profile. Always speak to professionals and make smart decisions!