Laptop Insurance South Africa

Why YOU Should Get Laptop Insurance in South Africa

Are you the proud owner of a brand new laptop?  Or the equally proud owner of an old faithful? Do you think you are as safe as you can be under your guarantee? If so, it might be wise to think again! Do you need laptop insurance in South Africa? Whether you’ve just come home with your shiny new PC or are about to hit the one year mark on your warranty without any issues, you should consider insuring your laptop, and here’s why.

Though the standard laptop warranty protects you from things such as technical defects, faults in the software and gut-wrenching hard-drive bomb-outs, sadly there are still so many things that could go wrong – things that you are NOT covered for!

Imagine you are strolling along, distracted and late for work, laptop bag in hand. You’re taking a sip of your coffee when a rogue jogger streaks past – jostling you and sending your precious PC tumbling to the pavement. Sounds pretty plausible, right? Well unfortunately though the accident was hardly your own fault and a mere wrong-place-wrong-time deal – it will be deemed as negligence and you will have to pay for repairs out of pocket. The same goes for if your ex takes revenge and cracks your screen or if your puppy kicks your laptop off the bed during a Netflix session!

You could just as easily be the accidental instigator of this world of pain and empty pockets if you drink or eat near your PC. In a world where time is money, it isn’t always possible to take a relaxing lunchbreak or hydrate away from your desk – but this act of capitalistic diligence has resulted in many a fatal spill! You may not be able to preempt your colleague knocking over your iced-coffee, or your toddler massaging sticky peanut buttered fingers into your keyboard, but you can prepare for the consequences by signing up for a laptop insurance in South Africa to ensures that accidents are accounted for!

The modern fad for laptop aesthetics is a search for anything light, slim and chic. In 2021, the business world is anything but stationary and almost everyone needs to be on the go all of the time! Practically, this slender look goes hand in hand with portability and comfort – but it also comes at the cost of strength and durability. PC’s that are designed for travel work on a high risk, high reward system – where you can take your work with you everywhere you go but you also triple the chances of breakage and theft.

When it comes to crime – we cannot victim blame. Sometimes you can take every precaution and still get blindsided by a sneaky burglar or road-side thief. South African statistics show that 54% of break-ins equal stolen laptops and we all know that desperation during the COVID crisis has caused a rise in petty crime. The only way to really protect your PC and subsequently your savings, is to insure and prepare for the worst.

The cost of laptop insurance in South Africa will depend on the laptop itself, but at the end of the day you need to decide if you would rather live with the extra expense now, or the devastation of being left in the lurch later – life is unpredictable but if you prepare for the worst then you can expect the best of any bad situation!

What Does Laptop Insurance Cover?

So, you’ve decided to insure your laptop – great, but what does that actually mean? Well, different service providers provide different policies but generally speaking you are looking at a range of options designed to protect you! Losing your data can be a devastating experience – whether it is from a professional or personal point of view – and so what specific and inclusive insurance can give you is quick and easy cover to replace what you have physically lost, without setting you back or breaking the bank. You can then get yourself back on track in no time – without further emotional strain!

First for Women for example, has a Portable Possessions policy where they will replace your PC with the same model or a model of the same value if yours has been broken, damaged or stolen while you are on the move.  Another Home Contents policy covers you if the latter happens at home, too!

These policies fall under a Comprehensive Laptop Insurance that covers you for general loss, damage and theft – and in this day and age, you can never be too careful, with your time, money and possessions!

Top Laptops in South Africa

Slim, but durable. Weightless, but powerful. The demand for aesthetic perfection, practicality as well as incomparable performance is a hard ask. That being said, the following products come pretty close! Rated by TechRadar – here are the top five laptops in South Africa:

  1. Apple MacBook Air (M1)
  2. Dell XPS 15 
  3. HP Spectre x360 
  4. Dell XPS 13 
  5. Acer Swift 3

Though these PC’s are described as having some of the finest features on offer in the market, and the fact that they have been manufactured specifically for life on the move – us humans can’t control everything – as much as we wish we could. Not every day goes as planned, other people can sometimes get in the way, heatwaves can hit unexpectedly, and bouts of bad luck can strike at any time – so do the wise thing and play the long-game.

It’s an investment you won’t regret – and one that will bring a (somewhat bewildered) smile to your face when your ice-cream scoop falls out of the cone in slow motion, heading directly for your keyboard, whilst you’re sending off the most important email of your career. No judgement – stress-eating is a real thing. Don’t let the possibility of what might happen to your laptop, be just another thing to stress about. Insure your PC today and focus on the moment you’re in, the future can wait when you know you’ve prepared for it.