Life Insurance for Dummies

Most people frequently neglect life insurance until it’s too late, even though it’s an essential component of financial preparation. Life insurance is a crucial part of one’s overall financial strategy in South Africa since it offers loved ones financial stability in the case of the policyholder’s untimely passing. 

Here is a thorough primer on life insurance for those who are unfamiliar with the subject. 

Life Insurance: What is it?

A contract for life insurance states that the insurer will give a lump sum to the policyholder’s beneficiaries in the event of the policyholder’s passing. The insurer receives recurring premium payments from the policyholder and invests the funds to guarantee that the promised amount will be accessible when needed. 

Types of Life Insurance

In South Africa, there are primarily two types of life insurance policies: 

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance offers protection for a predetermined amount of time, like ten, twenty, or thirty years. The insurer pays the beneficiaries the sum assured if the policyholder passes away within the policy’s term. The policy expires and there is no reimbursement if the policyholder survives past the period. 

Whole Life Insurance

If the premiums are paid, whole life insurance provides protection for the policyholder’s whole lifetime. A portion of the premiums is invested by the insurer to create cash value, which the policyholder can then access through loans or withdrawals. The beneficiaries receive the amount insured in the event of the policyholder’s passing, and the cash value is lost. 

How to Choose a Life Insurance Policy

There are several things to consider while buying a life insurance policy, including: 

Assured Sum

The insurer commits to paying the beneficiaries the sum insured in the event of the policyholder’s passing. It’s critical to select an amount that will give your loved ones sufficient financial support while you are away. 


The regular payments you make to the insurer to maintain the insurance in effect are known as premiums. It’s crucial to pick a premium that won’t put undue strain on your money and fits comfortably within your budget. 


You can add riders—additional benefits—to your life insurance policy for a charge. Disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and income protection are common riders. 

An Insurer’s Reputation

It is critical to take their reputation and financial soundness into account when selecting an insurer. Choose an insurance company with a solid financial rating from reliable rating companies and a history of paying claims. 

Benefits of Life Insurance

Numerous advantages are provided by life insurance, such as: 

Financial Stability

If you pass away suddenly, life insurance gives your loved ones financial security. You can use the sum insured to take care of debts, pay for living expenses, and secure the future of your family. 

Peace of Mind

The stress and anxiety brought on by life’s unpredictability might be lessened by knowing that your loved ones are financially secure while you are away. 


We hope this short summary of the ins and outs of life insurance helps you as you begin looking for cover for you and your loved ones!