Money Saving Tips for South Africans

Saving Money is HARD! Don’t kid yourself! It is much easier to just go and spend every penny in your account. I have done that! But what I have found more beneficial to have money left over at the end of the month.

It almost like sitting on your couch and streaming Netflix is easy and enjoyable, but working hard and climbing to the top of the mountain can be more beneficial. Creating memories that last forever of the views that are seldom seen!

But how do you do this? How do you achieve this “money in my bank account at month-end” myth? The answer is discipline and practice. Here are my money saving tips

Plan out your goals

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Yes, I know I use this quote too much but it is so relevant! If you don’t have a plan you won’t achieve the success you want, as you have not identified the success or goal you want to achieve. It is like running a race with no finish. You will never win! But by setting goals and planning to reach them, you CAN achieve them!

Sit down and plan your monthly budget, and what you want to spend where and why.

Stick to the plan

You have the plan! You know where the finish line is! Now stick to it. It will be hard and there will be obstacles. But keep the end in sight!

Reward yourself

When you get to the finish, you deserve a reward. Now I’m not saying go blow all the money you just saved. But rather give your self a small reward for reaching the goal. Be that a takeaway pizza, or my favorite, a Wonder Bar chocolate! This helps you out psychological and will help you continue to reach the goal, time after time.

Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay

As I started off by saying, this is going to be hard. Especially when its cold and Uber eats sounds so good. But by practicing discipline you are gaining an invaluable life skill and financial habit that will help you grow your wealth long term.