Do you need a Financial Advisor?

When you need someone you can trust, they can be hard to find! So, what can you do? Do you just go without a Personal Financial Advisor? 

A Personal Financial Advisor can help you work out which insurance suits your goals or which investment will help you to retire! They have studied and are registered to ensure they can provide you with the guidance you need. They can help you with identifying your goals, planning to reach them and identifying products that suit your goals and plans. Personal Financial Advisors are the best people to help you make these decisions and provide advice where possible.

What Is a Financial Advisor?

I think we can all agree that money makes the world go around, right? Right. However, most people don’t have an inkling of an idea about personal financial management. That is where an advisor comes in. They are there to help those that don’t have the financial knowledge (or the time) by using their knowledge of the economic climate to develop comprehensive (but user-friendly) strategies tailored to client-specific needs, to help people to navigate the (often daunting) world of finance. These professionals are university graduates with backgrounds in economics who are certified, licensed, and well established.

Financial Advisors have to study and do work under supervision before they are allowed to act independently. They also have to constantly complete exams, test and attend seminars to stay up to date. This is governed by legislation in South Africa and is all done to ensure you as the client are protected and advised well.

Do I need a Personal Financial Advisor?

The short answer is maybe. You don’t need a coach to run a marathon, but it certainly makes things easier. They can help you train, help you set your goals and stick to them. And a Financial Advisor can do this for your financial life.

These professionals can act as coaches and be someone you look forward to seeing. They can also take the stress off managing and planning your financial life.

I know it can seem daunting and that is why we have tried to make it easier for you. If you fill out the form below a trusted financial advisor will get in touch with you to help you. Their fees are more than affordable and often form part of the investments or insurances you take out, meaning you don’t notice it. You can survive without one, but many say its better to thrive with one!

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