Should I Invest With Coronation Fund Managers?

Coronation Fund Managers is a popular fund manager in South Africa. The company is based both in South Africa and in the United Kingdom. We have all seen their adverts and slogan “Trust is Earned”. But who are Coronation? What do they offer?

Who Is Coronation?

Coronation was started all the way back in 1993, when a group of professionals wanted to start a dedicated fund manager. They have come a long way, starting at ground zero to now being one of the largest fund managers with R629 Billion assets under management.

The fund manager in South Africa has a wide range of expertise across many places, industries and asset classes. Their focus is on multi asset and equity based funds.

What Do Coronation Offer?

Coronation Fund Managers offer a wide range of funds to suit their clients needs. Everything from high-risk hedge funds to low risk money market funds, and a lot in between. The fund manager has been applauded for its large number of funds for its investors to choose from.

The company offers the following products:

  • Unit Trusts – A great place to invest in a number of funds.
  • Tax Free Investments – A Tax efficient way to invest money for the long term.
  • Retirement Annuity – A Tax efficient way to invest for retirement.
  • Preservation Funds – A fund to grow existing retirement savings until you retire.
  • Living Annuity – Provides you with post retirement income.
  • Endowment Plan – A tax efficient investment for individuals with a tax rate of 30% or more.

The company offers both local and offshore investing options. They even have funds domiciled in other currencies allowing investors to invest in Pounds or Dollars.

Some of coronations Flag Ship Funds:

  • Top 20 – the coronation top 20 fund invests in the top 20 biggest companies in South Africa.
  • Balanced Plus – The number 1 balanced fund in South Africa since 1996. This is not a full coronation equity fund, but rather a mix of different assets.
  • Capital Plus – This fund is focused on long term growth while minimizing short term risk.
  • Balanced Defensive – A lower risk alternative to the Capital Plus fund.
  • Strategic Income – A lower risk fund similar to money market funds.

Investing with a strong and well-known fund manager is a great way to start your investment journey. Check out Coronation and see if they are a good fit for your investment needs!