Should You Invest with Allan Gray?

Allan Gray is probably one of the most well-known investment companies in South Africa. The company that was founded in 1973 by Allan Gray himself has grown to be one of the largest and most recognized brands in the financial services sector of South Africa. While it may have started in South Africa it quickly grew to having clients all over the continent and soon, the globe.

Allan Gray is known as being one of the oldest and most established asset managers in South Africa.

One of the notable causes of the Allan Gray Investments is the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. This foundation is focused on educating potential entrepreneurs and is funded by 5% of Allan Gray’s pre-tax profits. This social investment has helped many South Africans received tertiary education.

What do Allan Gray Offer?

Allan Gray is an investment company offering its clients a multitude of investment options. Their focus is always on the long term as shown by their many TV adverts. The company offers everything from Unit Trust Investing to Retirement Annuities. Other products include endowments and tax-free savings.

Allan Gray also has a specialist team of offshore investors. This team can help to advise you and assist you in investing offshore. Wondering if this is right for you? Talk to one of Allan Gray’s advisors today!

Some of Allan Gray’s Popular Unit Trusts:

  • Allan Gray Equity Fund
  • Allan Gray Balanced Fund
  • Allan Gray Stable Fund
  • Allan Gray Money Market Fund

What is the Minimum Investment for Allan Gray?

A minimum investment is the lowest amount of money you need to be able to invest in and earn a return from a fund. This can be a monthly contribution or a once off lump sum.

Currently, Allan Gray’s website says they have a minimum investment of R500 per month or R20 000 lump sum. Does this sound to expensive for you? Check out of Investment companies in South Africa to see alternative options.

What is Allan Gray’s Slogan?

Allan Gray’s Slogan truly shows what their brand stands for: “True Rewards take time”. This shows the organisations commitment and focus on building long term wealth for their clients.

Is Allan Gray (The Founder) Still Alive?

Allan William Buchanan Gray founded Allan Gray in 1973. He died in 2019 from a heart attack at age 81.

Should You Invest at Allan Gray?

As we always say, there is no one size fits all. Allan Gray is certainly well known and has shown a long track record of being a top-rated asset manager. However, each person is different, and we encourage you to sit down with a licensed advisor to discuss if Allan Gray is the right place to invest your money.