Top 4 Tips to Dominate your Budget

Budgets as I showed in my previous post ” Budgets! Agg… ” are not the old boring things we were taught in school. We control our budgets as our destiny. So here are my Top 4 tips for Dominating your budget!

Pay yourself first

Yes I know that sounds weird. But you worked hard for your money and you should benefit from that. So spoil yourself sometimes and spend on yourself in furthering you. From Excerise, to studies, to books and courses. Pay yourself first


So I know most of you are probably not Handymen/women. And if you’re anything like me it could be dangerous if you were. But doing some basic fixes around the house can save you money versus calling in a repairman/women.


Savings as I have stressed before are very important! Especially for emergencies! As COVID19 has shown a lot of us, Savings can help you get through these difficult times.

Have a Misc section of your budget

Misc. or miscellaneous are expenses that are small, but unexpected. From a late day at work causing a needed takeaway or extra fare or petrol to visit a family/ friend in need. This allows you some breathing room in your budget and can help you out sometimes.

These are my Top 4 Tips to Dominate your Budget and I hope they can help you as much as they helped me!

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