What is a Forex Trader?

Forex Trading or Foreign Exchange Trading is a hot topic in the online world with many people claiming that it is a viable way to make money. The process of buying and selling different currencies and profiting from the difference is no new endeavor. This is referred to buy and sell forex. However, with the online world making it cheaper and more accessible, it has become a widely practiced type of online trading.

While there may be many debates around Forex vs Cryptocurrency and even around trading vs investing; one cannot dispute the size of the Forex trading market and the many Forex Trader’s who make a living off of it.

While some Forex Trader’s may make a profit off trading, it is vital to note that this type of trading is extremely challenging. It is always best to train and get advise from experts before you take on these risky endeavours.

What is Forex? (Forex Trading for dummies in South Africa)

Forex or Foreign Exchange is the exchanging of currencies, for example trading a US Dollar for a Euro. This is a Forex trade. Using fast trading systems like those used by Black Stone Futures opens up the doors to trade many different currency pairs at lightening speed. The Forex markets are some of the fastest moving markets in the world with prices changing every second! Traders buy and sell forex and make money off the difference.

Forex Markets are very liquid markets, meaning they are frequently traded and are readily available. This makes them a preferred asset for professional traders and automated trading systems.

Can you make Money off Forex?

The short answer is maybe. As with buying and selling any asset, you can make money from the price difference between the time you buy to the time you sell. However, the Forex markets are some of the most competitive markets in the world with some experts trading every day. This means while you may be able to profit, you are also playing with some very experienced traders.

The Forex markets are also extremely volatile and are often difficult to read. This is a major reason why many traders fail.

One key factor that differentiates okay traders from great traders is the trading system they use. A trading system like Blackstone futures uses cloud trader and MT5 to make trading fast and accurate. This allows traders to play with the best.

Being a Forex Trader is an option for some people, but doing your research first is crucial. Doing a Forex course with a professional trader is also advisable to learn skills and techniques from them before you embark on your Forex Trading journey. Trading can incur losses.

Do your research, Be Smart!


What is forex trading for dummies in south Africa?

Forex Trading in South Africa for dummies is a guide that helps Forex traders trade better.

What are forex trader quotes?

Forex trader quotes or forex quotes is the currency conversion price they are given at a specific time. These quotes are often not valid for long and traders must act fast.

Where do you buy and sell forex?

With a registered and licensed Forex Broker.