What is All Risk Insurance?

All risk insurance can be described as the things you always carry with you. The items you never leave your home without, the things in your bag. All risk insurance is designed to cover all of these things so you can go on with your life knowing that you are covered.

How All Risk Insurance Works?

All risk insurance is usually added to a household contents policy. This is often because your household contents policy covers them in your home and the extra cover is for when you leave the house. Household contents insurance is valued in a insured amount with a few specified items. All risk insurance usually works of this amount.

Specified Items

These are your expensive items and most treasured things. This can be items such as engagement or wedding rings, special jewelry, expensive sunglasses and some electronic items such as watches, cell phones and wearable devices. It can also cover things like your handbag itself or laptop bag.

These items are usually worth more that R4000 but can differ from policy to policy.

Unspecified Items

These are general items that you carry with you. They are less than a certain amount, normally R3500, but that does differ from policy to policy. If you lose an item less than this value you can claim for it under all risk insurance.

This cover works for small items like sunglasses, jewelry and other everyday items.

Who is All Risk Cover For?

All risk cover is for people who carry valuables around with them. It is for people who travel a lot and want to make sure their stuff is covered. It is for many people in South Africa. If you are travelling to work and the worst-case scenario happen are you covered? If you drop your sunglasses or phone on your walk to work, are you covered?

If you are considering if All Risk Cover is suited to you, speak to a professional qualified broker today. They can access your needs, risks and budget to help you find the best insurance product for you. You want to make sure you can go about your day with peace of mind.

EU Brokers has over 21 years of experience helping you find the right type of All Risk insurance to suit your needs and budget. Our brokers have gone through extensive regulatory training to become the professionals that they are.