What is Personal Finance?

Personal Finance is very talked-about in today’s world. It often intertwined with big words such as Diversification and Tax-Free Savings. So what is Personal Finance really? Do I need it?

What is Personal Finance?

Personal Finance is everything to do with your finances. It is your plans to meet your financial goals, as well as where your money comes from and where it is going. Personal Finance helps you plan where you’re going.

Do I need it?

Yes! Everyone has a financial goal, be that a new house or a life of freedom. Those goals are part of your finance as is your plan to get there.

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3 Tips for becoming a master of Personal Finance:


Yes, I probably say this too much. But budgeting makes such a difference in your ability to save, invest, and reach your financial goals.

Use Debt Wisely

Debt can be good, but it can be bad as I described in “Do I have the wrong type of loan?“. So make sure you use good debt and limit bad debt.

Don’t do it alone

As much as an advisor or financial planner may seem like something for the wealthy, it is not! Financial Planners can help you identify your goals and help you reach them Wit their expertise, they can advise you on debt, investments and more.

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So don’t run when you hear someone talking about personal finance, embrace it and your own journey. We are all different and have different journeys! Share yours and you could inspire others!

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