What's Better for me? ETFs or Shares?

What’s Better for me? ETFs or Shares?

The question argued, debated, and disagreed upon. Which is better for me? ETFs or Shares?

We all have limited time, resources, and investing capabilitiesin our SHort Lifetime! And we therefore need to make this choice wisely! And everyone’s choice is unique to them.

ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds are funds that are traded on the Stock Exchange They are publicly traded and easy to purchase through your broker! (I use Easy Equities) They are similar to a unit trust owning pieces of many different companies. This is proven to have less risk as when one company does badly, another does well.

Shares are direct investments in One Company through your Broker. They allow you to build your own group or fund of shares, and essential build your Results! This means you can invest in exactly what you want to and have the potential to make more…….or lose more.

So which one is for you? That depends on your risk number and how long you are investing for. Speak to a professional Broker who can help you work this out!

Don’t miss out! Ask away!