Who Are 10X Investments? 

10X Investment is a site where you can easily invest through a range of products and services. 10X Investment was created in 2007 by Steven Nathan. The primary objective of this investment firm is to offer financing and financial services at the most competitive price point compared to their competitors. 10X Investment is an investment company that is backed by two extremely respected companies, DIGAME and the Old Mutual Investment Group. 10X has focused on building a name for themselves as a low cost yet zero compromise investment company that keep their clients happy and often with more money than other options in the industry.  

What Are 10X Investments?

10X Investments administers retirement funds and manages investments 10x with some tax-free savings. The organization, which has a 14-year track record as of January 2022, is revolutionizing the investment management market by offering savers and retirement investors with a variety of easy, effective, and low-cost alternatives. 10X handles private and corporate retirement investment funds totaling over R8 billion for customers like Virgin Active, EOH, and Macquarie. 

10X Investments adheres to four basic concepts to generate competitive, long-term investment returns and provide clients with the most significant possible opportunity of accomplishing their investment objectives: low fees, index-tracking, a diversified portfolio, and life-stage investing. Here is a condensed breakdown of their investment objectives 

  • Low Fees: 10X Investments total fees are less than half of the industry standard, and the difference is reinvested on behalf of customers to compound over time. 
  • Index Tracking: It is hard to anticipate the market correctly. 10X provides the returns of the market as a whole at a fraction of the expense of attempting to identify successful stocks. 
  • Varied Portfolio: 10X invests customers’ funds both domestically and internationally in a diversified portfolio of stocks, real estate, bonds, and cash. 
  • Life Stage Investing: 10X automatically modifies client portfolios in accordance with their proximity to retirement. This maximizes profits, minimizes risk, and eliminates the need to make difficult or expensive choices. 

Why 10X Investments?

Only 6% of South Africans can retire comfortably, which is shocking. This number has remained unchanged for 25 years. In comparison, forty percent of our business customers are on course to retire comfortably. Obviously, this is still inadequate, but there is little doubt that their customers will be better off and have more money when they need it. 

Many people are just becoming aware of 10X, through 10X vs Sygnia reviews or just a regular 10X review so it’s reasonable for them to be curious about who they are and how long they’ve been around. Nonetheless, fourteen years is a considerable period of time. Many financial resources do not endure ten or even five years. Their initial fund is thriving and expanding. 

In addition to their durability, they may also claim superior, more consistent performance. The 10-year returns of 10X are better than those of a typical big fund manager, as they have been for almost all time periods. This is a lot due to their low fee structure as illustrated on their website.